Delightful home improvement

Make sure the right person buys the right items at the right time for any home improvement project.

Select appliances, fixtures, furniture and other items. Coordinate purchases. Save pics of the designs and products you love. Reduce costs, time and frustrations. Let your project be as delightful as your finished home! Sign up for free today!


How far into the project are you?


Collecting ideas

Save and organize products and design that inspire you. Share the inspiration for your renovation or other home project to communicate your vision. Control who sees the vision for your perfect home. (Coming soon!)


Making decisions

As you identify products, add them as options. When you are ready to make decisions, select the final product. If someone else is deciding, keep track of their decisions so you are all on the same page.


Buying items

With Pocketdoor you can easily specify the right item, the amount needed, the buyer and the need-by date. Give your entire team the ability to access the same version from anywhere so you can reduce waste.



FREE for most homeowners

FREE for most designers

FREE for most contractors

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The best way for designers

to get decisions from clients, and provide the team with a single, up-to-date spec sheet


Peace of mind for owners

who want an organized and enjoyable project, without wasted time and money


Apps for contractors

who want an easy way to let homeowners make selections and keep up to date on the spec sheet


The easy way to share

projects with your family, your social media followers, your wedding guests, or anyone else

 85 percent of homeowners use nothing better than spreadsheets and email to coordinate selection and purchase of items for their home project

Reduce costs, delays and frustrations

85% of homeowners manage projects with nothing better than spreadsheets or email to coordinate item selection and purchase. Yikes! This leads to purchasing the wrong number of items, ordering items late, confusion over who is buying what, and incorrect purchases.

We believe that home improvement projects can be as delightful as the finished home. Avoid unnecessary delays, costs and annoyances by using the application designed to give you ease of product selection and approval, and purchase management.