How Pocketdoor Works


Save inspiration

Save pictures of designs and products you love to a private board for you and your team. Add images with ease.


Start your list

Create a list of empty specs for the appliances, lighting, fixtures and other items you need. Or use one of our templates.


Add with ease

Add items with ease using the Pocketdoor Chrome extension or the Firefox add-on. Or use our mobile apps (coming soon!).


Make decisions

When you and your team decide on options, items in your Buy List are marked “Ready to Buy”.


Save options

Save options for each item so you can decide on that perfect product later–or get approval from another member of the team.


Assign buyers

Set the buyer for each item so everyone on the team knows who is buying what. No more confusion over who is buying what.


Set need-by dates

Let everyone on the team know when each item is needed so you can stay on schedule.


Buy with ease

Give every buyer on your team the web link or local instructions for how to buy the right item.


Save time + energy

Move or copy items from one project to the other with ease and save your time and energy.


Accessible from any device

Access your projects on your computer or on your mobile device so you and your team always have access to your spec sheet for making purchases, looking up product names and brands, making decisions on the go, or reviewing items after project completion.

Pocket door gives homeowners, designers, architects and contractors a spec sheet app that keeps everyone on the same page
I like the ability to add any product. And no more digging through old emails from the designer.
— Sameer recommends Pocketdoor