The easiest way to manage product selections and purchases

Pocketdoor keeps track of product options, and then coordinates the who, what and when of purchases. Make sure the right person buys the right item at the right time.

1. Add one or more options

As you consider different dishwashers, add them to your list as options. Or before you have a potential dishwasher, just create an empty spec named “dishwasher”.

2. Make a decision

Select one of your dishwasher options so it is “Ready to Buy”. Now you can assign a buyer and set a need-by date.

3. Buy the right item at the right time

Click on “Buy” to make your purchase online or review instructions for your local purchase.

I like the ability to add any product. And no more digging through old emails from the designer.
— Sameer recommends Pocketdoor

Add with Ease

Add items using the Pocketdoor Chrome extension, by copying from other projects, or by simply taking a picture.


Make Selections

Save options for your appliances, furniture, lighting and other items until you are ready to confirm your final selection.


Buy Confidently

Make sure everyone has the same version of the spec sheet so the right person buys the right item, on time, every time!


Accessible from any device

Access your projects on your computer or on your mobile device so you and your team always have access to your spec sheet for making purchases, looking up product names and brands, making decisions on the go, or reviewing items after project completion.

Pocket door gives homeowners, designers, architects and contractors a spec sheet app that keeps everyone on the same page