Pocketdoor is for Architects and Designers

Pocketdoor gives you private mood boards, simple product selection and a spec sheet system that homeowners can actually use.

Pocketdoor offers applications for designers, homeowners and contractors that reduce unnecessary cost, delay and frustration. Our first application helps you, your clients, and other people on the project make product selections and coordinate purchases.

Signing up for Pocketdoor is free, and gives you and your clients:

  • The ability to request approval for items, or to present options and finalize a selection (and automatically added to the spec sheet once approved)

  • A single version of the spec sheet so everyone knows who is buying what—and by when

  • Access in the field to product web pages so your team can access specifications, images and cost

  • The ability to easily copy items from one project to the other so you don’t have to duplicate your work

  • Access across devices (computer, tablet, mobile)

  • A presentation that is cleaner and more delightful that a spreadsheet (OK, we admit it—making Pocketdoor look better than a spreadsheet wasn’t so hard.)


Add with Ease

Add items using the Pocketdoor Chrome extension or paste a web page URL, and we will get information for you. Or copy from other projects, type in info, or simply take a picture.


Make Selections

Request approval for items. Or give options for appliances, furniture, fixtures and other items. Once a selection is made it is added to Buy List, your online spec sheet.


Easy Spec Sheets

Make sure homeowners and contractors have the same version of the spec sheet. Assign buyers. Make sure the right person buys the right item, on time, every time!