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Vision: We believe that home improvement projects can be as delightful as the finished home

Mission: Our mission is to provide applications that make home improvement projects more enjoyable for homeowners and eliminate unnecessary frustrations, delays and cost overruns

What we do: Pocketdoor provides web and mobile applications that make residential projects more organized and delightful for homeowners, architects, designers, builders, contractors, subcontractors and other users. Pocketdoor managed projects have the happiest homeowners and professionals, are more streamlined, and are more likely to be on time and on budget.

Founders and team: Pocketdoor was founded by Courtney Quish and Dan Meyer; information on the founders (including photos) and their story are available here

Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Web properties: The primary web page for Pocketdoor is The web application is available at Mobile applications will be available soon in the Apple and Android app stores (request early access here).

Images + Bios: See this page for founder bios and headshots, logo downloads, etc.

Pocketdoor projects have the happiest homeowners

Key Messages

Please feel free to use the following key messages:

  • Pocketdoor projects have happy homeowners

  • Pocketdoor is for designers, homeowners and builders

  • With Pocketdoor, you make sure the right person selects the right item at the right time

  • Pocketdoor was founded by two homeowners who thought there had to be a better way to communicate and stay organized with their designer and contractor

  • Pocketdoor can be used on major remodels, small renovations, simple redecorating projects and outdoor projects—pretty much any home project

  • When your cousin got married and everyone wanted to get a gift, did they email around a spreadsheet? So why are you doing this with your home project?

Problems Solved

Pocketdoor was designed to help solve problems commonly experienced by users, especially those involved in the 85% of projects that rely on nothing better than paper, spreadsheets and/or email to manage the selection and purchase of products. These include:

  • Delays in making decisions

  • Failure to make final product selections

  • Confusion over what is the most up-to-date list

  • Purchasing the wrong items

  • Purchasing the wrong number of items

  • Purchasing items too late

  • Multiple people purchasing the same item

  • Not knowing what products were used after the project is complete

Pocketdoor Buy List helps professionals easily collect final selections and decisions from homeowners, while ensuring that those decisions are made within their design vision for the project. After selections have been made, Pocketdoor keeps everyone on the same page to reduce confusion over what is the most recent list. By giving access to everyone on the project across computers, tablets and mobile phones, Pocketdoor reduces calls from the site regarding frustrating questions such as what appliance to rough in or how many of a particular item need to be purchased at the store.

Value to Homeowners, Designers + Builders

Pocketdoor helps make projects more delightful for homeowners, architects, designers, builders, contractors, subcontractors and other users. With Pocketdoor, everyone on the project:

  • knows what designs the homeowner and designer see as inspiration for the project

  • can see what needs items need to be selected

  • has access to the most up-to-date list of what products are being used in the project

  • knows what needs to be purchased, by who, and by when

  • can see what has already been purchased

With Pocketdoor Buy List, the right person selects the right item at the right time

How Pocketdoor Works: Inspire Boards

Pocketdoor Inspire provides users with a single place to upload, save, categorize and share images of designs and products they love, and that serve as inspiration for the project. Images may be added by:

  • uploading an image from a computer, tablet or mobile device

  • entering a web page address (URL)

  • using the Pocketdoor Button on a computer browser with Chrome or Firefox

  • sharing from a mobile browser to the Pocketdoor iPhone or Android app (apps are coming soon: request early access here)

Designers: Inspire boards allow designers to capture what homeowners expect in the design, and also communicate with homeowners and builders what is their vision for the project.

Homeowners: Inspire boards allow homeowners to communicate their vision for the project, including what they like and don’t like.

Builders: Inspire boards allow builders to capture what homeowners expect in the design, and also communicate with homeowners how they view elements of the finished product will look.

How Pocketdoor Works: Buy List

Pocketdoor Buy List organizes the selection and purchase of products for renovations, remodels, new home builds and other home improvement projects. Any item on a user’s Buy List may be categorized as:

  • Empty specs are placeholders for products that needs to be selected and later purchased, and can be added with project templates when projects are created

  • Options available represent products under consideration before a final decision is made; and users can add one or more options for each decision to be made

  • Ready to buy items have been finalized, include web links or other ordering information, and can be assigned a purchaser and need-by-date

  • Purchased items let everyone on the project know who purchased what to reduce confusion and repeat ordering

Products may be added to the Buy List in the same manner as adding images for Inspire boards.

Designers: Pocketdoor gives designers an appealing medium to share information on the project—because let’s face it, spreadsheets are ugly! Pocketdoor also facilitates decision-making, final selections and approvals from homeowners. With Pocketdoor, designers can provide up-to-date information to builders accessible on their mobile devices so people on site don’t have to call and ask as many questions, or make mistakes due to relying on the wrong version of a list.

Homeowners: Pocketdoor let’s you see what you need to select, what decisions you need to make, and what needs to be purchased—by who and by what date. If you are doing a DIY project, then let Pocketdoor be your hub for tracking design and organizing purchases.

Builders: No more calling the designer for the most up-to-date list! Just pull out your phone and check the list. If you aren’t using a designer, then let Pocketdoor be your primary tool for soliciting decisions from homeowners and coordinating purchases.