Five reasons to avoid spreadsheets and email

Five reasons to avoid spreadsheets and email

Please don’t use spreadsheets and email to coordinate your new home build, renovation or other home improvement project. Here are five reasons why. We could make a longer list, but five should be enough...

1) Make and keep track of decisions easily

Maybe you know exactly what you want from Day 1. Or maybe you are just like the rest of us–trying to decide between three different ovens, or going back and forth on that perfect paint color.

Using spreadsheets to track these decisions gets cumbersome. They just weren't designed for the purpose. You aren't going to use a hammer on a screw, so why use the wrong tool to manage your project?

2) Stay on the same page with one single version

We've all been there before. We pull up an email or open a file, rely on it for a decision or share it with someone else, and only later discover that we relied on the wrong version. Unfortunately, when building or renovating a home, thus can be an expensive and frustrating mistake.

We know. We ordered the wrong cooktop. We had to pay a restocking fee. It delayed installation by a week. Then we had to reschedule the gas line installation. And the painters. And... Argh!

Getting the wrong version can cause delays, increased cost, and frustration.

3) Access from anywhere

You live your life on the move. You have many responsibilities. Sometimes you can pull up a spreadsheet on your phone. But sometimes those files are just too large and complex.

If all you need to do is find a model number, or a link to make a purchase, do you really want to head home or to the office to get on your laptop? Nope. We didn't either.

4) Experience a better design

Sharing your awesome project with a carefully designed vision ... in a spreadsheet? Sorry, but that just doesn't cut it. Add some pictures, make it look good, and give your team something they enjoy looking at!

5) Access your project after it is finished

Some day you are going to want to go back and check a model number. Or buy another one of those pendant lights. Do you want to try to find that old laptop, or dig through old emails?

We don't think so.

At Pocketdoor, we believe that home improvement projects can be as delightful as the finished home. We can help. Sign up now for free!

(Photo by Debby Hudson)

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