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We started Pocketdoor to help homeowners, designers and contractors have a better experience with renovations and other home projects. In certain instances, we may be compensated through affiliate commissions or other payments when you make a purchase. For example, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases such as if we recommend a product or it is featured on our site in an example project. In these and other cases we may receive a commission if you choose to purchase that item or other items from the same retailer or manufacturer.

Am I limited to adding products where Pocketdoor has an affiliate relationship?

No. You can add (almost) any item to Pocketdoor, including those that will be made for online and offline purchases. In fact, one of the first projects created on Pocketdoor included an antique stove that was already in the kitchen.

If we have a relationship with one retailer and you want to add the product for purchase with another, that is fine with us. However, some web sites block us from reading their web pages and making the process easier for you, so you may have to manually add some information and images.

Will Pocketdoor function any differently if I add products from retailers you do not work with?

Maybe. The purchase process may require an additional step, but we don’t prevent you from adding items from your retailer of choice. Some online retailers block our ability to get information on items if you add them via a web site URL, via our browser extension, or within our mobile app. You can still add these items, but you might have to manually add some information and images.

What retailers do you work with and why do you work with them?

We work with retailers for several reasons, including... First, having affiliate relationships allows us to make Pocketdoor free for most users. Second, having relationships with retailers gives us more accurate product information when you add products to your project. Third, our ability to recommend products to you is better when we have more accurate product information.

Examples of our affiliate partners are:


If you find there is a site that you use frequently where the site is blocking Pocketdoor, contact us and let us know.