How to add items

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Ways to add items to your project

We strive to make adding items to Pocketdoor as easy as possible. Looking to add products (or images of designs you love)? Let us count the ways...

  1. Install one of our browser extensions. If you are on your computer, this is one of the best ways to add items to your Pocketdoor project. When viewing a product page, example design you love, or virtually any web site, just click a button and we'll take it from there. Our Chrome extension is live. Our Firefox extension is coming soon...UPDATE: Our Firefox add-on is live!

  2. Copy and paste a web page address. If you haven't loaded our button from the Chrome extension, or are on your phone, copy and paste the web page address (URL) and paste it after clicking "add item" in your project.

  3. Copy from another project. When a friend or colleague shares a project, you can select items and copy them to your project. Or copy items from one of our example projects.

  4. Add manually. Sometimes there is no web page for your item, especially for products you are buying down the street. No problem! Just click add item and skip the web page URL. You can type in the info and upload images (or use your camera).

  5. Share to our mobile apps (coming soon). Stay tuned...

Already have a big list? Email us your spreadsheet and we'll get you set up!