The Add-Item Button

The easiest way to add items to your Pocketdoor project (from your computer 😉)

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1. Download + Install our extension for Chrome or Firefox. (If you are using Brave or another Chromium browser, our Chrome button probably works for you.)

2. Go to any web page for designs or products you love.

You can find pictures of designs and products to develop a set of visual inspiration. Or you can find actual products that you are considering or know you want.

3. Click the button and select where you want to add.

You can select where and how to add your image or product to Pocketdoor

4. Let us take it from there and we will pull the images and information we can.

If you are adding an image to your Inspire board, then we’ll get the images we can. And if you are adding a product to your Buy List, we will also pull the prices and other information that we can.

There are millions of web sites out there, and we try our best for you. If there is a web site you are having trouble with, let us know and we’ll try to fix it!