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Adding to your Buy List

How do I add a product to buy?

We have so many options, we created a separate article for this. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How do I add an empty spec?

Empty specs help remind you and your team what items you need to select. They are automatically added to your project if you select to create a project with a template. To add a single empty spec:

  1. Click the add item button .
  2. Enter a name ("oven", "lamp") and click next.
  3. Add any location, a category, comments, etc.
  4. Click SAVE.

Later, when you'd like to add a product or options, click EDIT.

How do I add another option?

If you have already added a product and would like to add another option so you can make a final selection later:

  1. On your computer or tablet, click + ADD OPTION
    On your mobile device, click the item menu (...) and select Add Option.
  2. Add a URL or skip this step to add manually.
  3. Click SAVE

Or if you have already added two or more products that you'd like to combine as options, just select them (on your computer or tablet) and select Combine as Options from the MORE dropdown. (Mobile support coming soon...)

How do I add a product manually?

Ond of the first items added to a Pocketdoor project was an antique stove that was already sitting in the kitchen. There's no web page for items like that! To add manually:

  1. Click the add item button .
  2. Enter a name ("dishwasher", "lamp", etc.).
  3. The web page address (URL) is optional.
  4. Click NEXT and fill in the product info.
  5. Click SAVE.
What does "Save Draft" do?

Saving an item as a draft will make it only viewable by you. As an example, if you are a designer adding several items and would like clients to see them after your next meeting, save them as drafts. Later you can EDIT and SAVE them for other project members to see.

Can I change the order of the images?

Yes! On your computer or tablet, click (or touch) and hold the image, then drag it to the new location. If you'd like to save the new order of items, make sure to click on the Save Order button that appears in the upper left.

Making purchases

How do I mark items as purchased?

Online purchases: Click the BUY button. This will expand the item with ordering instructions. If you are buying your item(s) on another web site, then click BUY again to go to that site and make your purchase. When you come back to Pocketdoor, click MARK PURCHASED.

Offline purchases: If you are purchasing your item(s) in person, then when you first click BUY to view ordering instructions (this is a great place to put the supplier's address and phone number), just click MARK PURCHASED after you've bought your items.

Bonus tip for laptop and tablet views: If you need to mark several items as purchased, then select the items and use the More dropdown to edit multiple items. Just change the status to Purchased.

Adding to your Inspire board

How do I add images to my Inspire board?

You can add items to your Inspire board the same way you add to your Buy List, with a few differences:

  • You can add more than one image at a time.
  • If you are adding a product, it can be converted to a Buy List item later.
  • You can group the images by category or who added the image.
How do I change the order of the images?

On your computer or tablet, click (or touch) and hold an image, then drag it to the new location. Unlike your Buy List, you dont need to save the order.

Helpful Pocketdoor tools

Where can I get the browser button?

The Pocketdoor add item button is available as a Chrome extension » and a Firefox add-on ».

Where can I get the mobile apps?

Who told you about that?!? Just kidding. If you would like early access to the iPhone or Android apps when they are available, sign up here ».

Viewing projects

How do I change the Buy List view?

On your computer or mobile device, you can view your Buy List in card view or in a list or rows by clicking on the icons in the upper left. Inspire boards are always viewed in card view.

How do change which items are shown?

On your computer or mobile device, you can include or exclude different items by using the filter. Either click Filter or the filter icon to change what is visible. Bonus tip: If you are looking to recover deleted items, this is a good place to start!

Can I export my Buy List items?

Yes! Click on project settings and in the Overview section click on EXPORT BUY LIST.

Managing projects

How do I start another project?

Open your project list by clicking on the name of your project. At the bottom of the list you will see "Create New Project". We hope the project is delighful!

How do I add other users to my project?

Click on share to add specific users by email. You can also click on project settings and select People.

If you would like to allow the project to be viewed publicly, click SHARE PUBLICLY and then share the link directly via Twitter, Facebook or email—or copy the link to send in any other channel.

How do I remove users?

Click on project settings and select People. From here you can delete users.

How do I put another user in charge?

Click on project settings. From either the Overview or People sections you can click TRANSFER OWNERSHIP. We wish them luck!