How to start a project

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Starting your first project

When you create your account, the new project form will be shown automatically. Enter the following fields:

  • Project name.

  • Your role. Choosing “Homeowner” or “Professional” will not impact your permissions because you are the project owner and have full permissions

  • Project type. If you decide to use a template later, we’ll use this information to create your initial of empty specs.

  • Project style. This will help us make recommendations (those features are coming soon). Your choice will not impact what you can add to your Buy List or Inspire board.


You have two options for creating the project. If you select Use a Template then we will create a list of empty specs in your Buy List. You can add more empty specs, delete some of the ones we create for you, or edit them later. If you select Start Adding Items then we will give you an empty list.

We hope the project goes well!

Starting another project

Near the top of the page, there is a project picker. At the bottom of the list you will see “Create a new project”. Follow the instructions above.