Terms of Use for Pocketdoor Widgets

Version 1.1.2  |  Last revised on: March 20, 2019

By using any one or more of the Pocketdoor Widgets and/or associated websites located at pocketdoor.com, pcktdr.com and getpocketdoor.com (collectively, the “Widget Sites” and each a “Widget”), you agree to be bound by these terms, as well as the terms of use governing other elements of Pocketdoor websites as specified in the Terms of Use located at pocketdoor.com/terms and which are incorporated herein and which you acknowledge you have received and reviewed.

  1. The Widget Sites are copyrighted works belonging to Pocketdoor, Inc. (“Pocketdoor”, the “Company”, “us”, “our”, and “we”).

  2. You may only display a Widget on your website(s). You may not modify the code that we provide to you.

  3. You may not display any Widget in a way that specifies or implies an affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Pocketdoor or its affiliates. Any reference to Pocketdoor must be accurate.

  4. You may not use, incorporate or display any Widget on a website or other property that infringes on any Pocketdoor intellectual property, violates any applicable law or regulation, or disparages Pocketdoor or its affiliates. Pocketdoor reserves the right to modify or terminate your permission to use any Widget, and/or to terminate our support of the widget. We may visit, monitor or crawl your website(s); log the website(s) that use any Widget; or otherwise confirm your compliance with these terms.

  5. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Widget Sites (in whole or in part) with or without notice to you. You agree that the Company will not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Widget Sites or any part thereof.

Contact Information:

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